The Anatomy of Anxiety: How The Body Responds


Every now and then I find myself overcome with anxiety. I am anxious about school, my future, my research, my family, and even my personal relationships. I have started to do some reading, trying to understand why am I the way I am. What am I feeling? What is happening to my mind and my body?. Interestingly, once I was able to visual what was happening, I started to come up with ways to get it under control.

My anxieties have prevented me from enjoying the simple things in life, even things that are good for me. I have taken comfort in my solitude and I put more work into being alone because stepping out my room, opening up to someone else, opening up to new experiences is just too overwhelming. The excuse is always one of the following, I’m not prepared, I dont want to, or I dont have anyone to do it with. The goal now is to move away from it, and the first step is to understand it, evaluate the cause and with that come up with ways to make it go away.

2 thoughts on “The Anatomy of Anxiety: How The Body Responds

  1. I can totally relate.I suffer from social anxiety disorder n struggling to come out of it.this is inspirational…to know that am not alone.

    1. Greetings Rita, You are definitely not alone. Dont hesitate to write, I want to hear your thoughts, advice, stories, or just to have a friendly exchange.

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