Could Cinnamon make us better Learners?


In addition to be a great additive in desserts, cinnamon has been used for many centuries across many cultures for medicinal purposes. The health benefits are many, a few includes; anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetes, anti-microbial, immune booster with potential cancer and heart disease protective abilities.

In additional to preventing fatal disease, a recent publication showed that cinnamon can aid in learning. The paper is title “Cinnamon converts poor learning Mice to good learner” implication for memory improvement”. The data in this paper suggests that if you are not a good learner, or struggle with short term or long-term memory, it may not be your fault. Difficulty in learning has been associated with defects in the hippocampal neuronal network. This is the part of the brain that regulates learning and memory. Learning impairment are also characterized by a down regulation of many genes important for ion conduction, synapse formation, and many other cellular processes that strengthens synapses. Impairment in learning and memory is also associated with low levels of glutamate receptors, NMDA an AMPA. These receptors are crucial for calcium release in neural network which drives the release of neuro transmitters. In cinnamon fed mice, the paper shows an increase in the expression of these receptors and when tested, they mice showed increased learning capabilities.

While further studies is still required before it will be known if the same effects can be observed in humans, there has been reports of cinnamon reducing the effects of neurodegenerative diseases. I think it worth trying.

Below is the link to the paper;

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